Journal of Chemical Reviews 

J. Chem. Rev.

Journal of Chemical Reviews (J. Chem. Rev.) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published Quarterly by the Sami Publishing Company (SPC). It publishes Review and short Review articles on all aspects of chemistry. All significant developments in all field of Chemistry are welcomed for submission. The journal is Open Access with no article processing charges and all articles published in this journal are freely available for readers online at  without a subscription and authors retain the copyright of their work.
The average time between submission and final decision is six weeks and the average time between acceptance and publication is four weeks.

*Note: Publication process of manuscripts submitted to Journal of Chemical Reviews is free of charge.  All costs paid by Sami Publishing Company (SPC).

 *Note:  If plagiarism is detected more than 30% before/during the peer review process, the submission may be rejected. All authors must reduce this rate to below 30%.

Publishing schedule

Journal of Chemical Reviews is published quarterly, releasing a new issue in the first month of each season. The regular publication schedule is as follows:

1- Winter (January)

2- Spring (April)

3- Summer (July)

4- Autumn (October)



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JCR CrossMark Policy DOI: 10.33945/SAMI/JCR.crossmark_policy