Document Type: Review Article


1 Department of Polymer Chemistry, Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahreza, Iran

2 Department of Chemical Engineering, Mahshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mahshahr, Iran



Today, diseases and accidents on one of the social concerns of workers and those involved in occupational safety and health issues has become. In addition to the general culture of health and safety factors related to non-compliance with relevant laws and regulations and lack of education can be a lack of planning and attention to occupational health and safety of workers in most industries, including the reasons for the high rate of accidents and work-related disease outlined. Due to the importance of the health of workers in all countries need to manage to achieve a coherent approach to improve working conditions, more than ever appears. Safety position in the heart of the organization's current management and its elements such as organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities specified in the methods of work according to the resources available to maintain the policy of health, Safety and the environment is working. Maybe HSE management concept is abet complex in first glance. But this is simple concept and it has close relationship with us and we understand simple city. Maybe hygienic, security and environment concepts and not simple for you. HSE management increase hygienic awareness, security and environment level and decrease dangerous factors and event occurrence and it is possible with workspace security. HSE position is in the organization current heart and elements like organizational structures, activities planning, determine responsibility in methods for doing and try for hygienic way maintain, security and environment. In this paper discussed HSE significance in Iran oil industry.

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