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1 College of Medicine, Department of Nursing, Komar University of Science and Technology- Sulaimaniyah-Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2 Master of Psychology, Department of Literature and Humanities, Graduate of Malayer University, Malayer, Iran


Myocardial infarction is a common phenomenon among people and kills many people every year. However, for many people, the question is whether the origin of this disease was nutrition or many factors played a role in it. It is necessary. The phenomenon of myocardial infarction should be studied with its marginal factors, so with this in mind, it is necessary to conduct research in this field to investigate the factors involved in the development of myocardial infarction. Therefore, the present study is important because It can evaluate the role of air pollution in myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction (in the medical term of MRI) or myocardial infarction. Permanent and irreversible cell death and death in a part of the heart muscle (myocardium) that occurs due to loss of blood flow and the occurrence of a severe ischemia in that part of the heart. This cessation of blood circulation can occur suddenly without any previous symptoms or after a number of angina attacks (chest pain). The main cause of stroke is the closure of the arteries that supply the heart. To remove obstruction other than medication, open balloons and open-heart surgery replacement of blocked arteries) are used. Myocardial infarction is a pervasive complication that causes thousands of deaths each year. Factors contributing to diabetes include high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, excessive smoking and alcohol use, physical inactivity, stress, family history, and age.

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The Effect of Air Pollution on Myocardial Infarction


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